Checking in!

Hi everyone just wanted to make a quick update about everything! I missed class on Monday which sort've stinks because now I am falling behind in class. I was at Lake Hume over the weekend helping out in Middle School Camps and it was great but I am really behind on the narrative and haven't started yet, I really have no idea how to start and what to write about so if anyone has a great idea they wanted to share and weren't using for their narrative please shoot me a message! :) Thank you!!

Experiment #5 In Media Res


Experiment #4 (2)


Experiment #4 (1)


Up to Date

Hi guys!! Sorry I have not been posting to much recently, I find it rather difficult to transfer the work from my phone to the computer to post it!! Lately, I have been working on a lot of Art work and may post it on here if I can finish it in time! For writing, I have been on a writer's stump, curious about which direction to take with Experiment #6 (Slam Poetry) and also the narrative, I am a bit self-conscious about my writings because I don't think I'm the best writing as well so please be gentle with me

Experiment #3 Redemption Valley MAP


Experiment #2 The Good Friend


What I am working on

I have not been working on much recently. I just joined an Art Class at Moorpark to explore into painting as well as writing. Hopefully, it will be good. I have been thinking about writing, maybe doing a little Children's Book (Class Task) and seeing where that will go. Mostly I want to write uniquely, maybe doing a story alike to Harry Potter but with a different touch about it. Either that or something relatable that shines light.

Magic Realism First Two Paragraphs

Crash!! "Mmmmmmmmmmmpph!!!!!!" shrieks Alfred the hungover mummy. Late to work to his job at Mummy Headquarters, Alfred bangs his head on the top of the old elevator door entrance in the old Lowe's warehouse where his temple was built under.
     Waking up late with his shirt on backwards, a 5 o'clock shadow, and grease stains on his outfit, Alfred looks at the remainder of what looked like his temple room as the elevator doors close in on him. As he slowly opens and closes his eyes, Alfred thinks to himself, "What happened last night?"